Teeth Whitening

Looking for brighter, whiter teeth to improve your smile?

There are many options available to you at Abbey Mead Dental & Implant Clinic to whiten your teeth and enhance their appearance. These range from the removal of surface stains to the lightening of internal colours of teeth and more complex restorative methods.

Whitening your smile depends on many factors – your lifestyle, the current shade of your teeth and the results you wish to achieve.


Abbey Mead Dental & Implant Clinic
Abbey Mead Dental & Implant Clinic

Why whiten teeth?

While everyone dreams of a Hollywood smile, very few people have naturally bright, white teeth. Your teeth change colour as you get older, and other factors like what you eat and drink can affect their colour. Coffee, red wine, curry, balsamic vinegar and dark berries are all teeth staining culprits. You may have an important event coming up, such as a wedding or holiday, that you want to look your best for. It may be that your teeth have gradually become discoloured due to certain prescribed medications or antibiotics. A build up of calculus (tartar) can also lead to yellow-looking teeth, as can habits like smoking.

Your whitening consultation

Your smile is unique to you, and Abbey Mead Dental & Implant Clinic dentists understand that your reasons are personal too. Our dentists are trained to assess your teeth to make sure they are suitable for a whitening treatment.

Before undergoing treatment your dentist will professionally remove stains from your teeth using a high-specification air polisher. A Prophy-Jet uses water and air pressure to remove tartar, and the inclusion of baking soda gently buffs the surface of your teeth. This procedure prepares your teeth to best receive the whitening application and ensures the correct shade is achieved.

How long will the treatment last?

How long your teeth stay whiter and brighter after treatment is down to you. Stay away from stain-culprits and keep up a good oral health routine and the effects of your whitening treatment should last up to three years.

How you can keep a whiter, brighter smile

As well as using a whitening treatment, you can keep your smile looking fresh and bright by incorporating these five simple steps into your oral care routine:

  • Avoid, or keep to a minimum, foods like curry and berries, and beverages such as coffee and red wine that are known to stain teeth.
  • Have a glass of water or rinse your mouth out within thirty minutes of eating.
  • Plaque attracts stains, so keep brushing and flossing regularly to remove any build up.
  • Use a tooth whitening toothpaste or mouthwash.
  • Visit your hygienist for a scale and polish at least once or twice a year.

What treatment options are there for professional teeth whitening?

Our dentists will do a full examination to ensure you are dentally well for whitening. We will discuss your whitening aspirations, so we can tailor a whitening program specific to your needs.

Professional tooth whitening

We create your own personal tray to fit your mouth comfortably. These can be worn overnight or in an approved one-hour session containing the bleaching agent, carbamide peroxide gel. Results can be seen after 10 – 14 applications and the tray can be reused as often as desired. This will only affect natural teeth, other options will need to be considered to whiten veneer, crown and composite restorations. This is the tried and tested way to lighten the internal pigments of teeth, thereby improving their appearance without altering any tooth structure.

An Airflow scale and polish

For some of our patients, frequent hygiene treatments are enough to keep a natural smile clean and bright while maintaining the integrity of the tooth surface. All of our hygienists at Abbey Mead Dental & Implant Clinic use the AirFlow technique in their treatments which remove stains quickly and painlessly, restoring your natural colour.

Internal bleaching for non-vital teeth

This is a very effective way to lighten non-vital teeth that have been discoloured by trauma or undergone root canal treatments. Bleach is placed inside the tooth for a week and removed or replaced until the desired colour has been achieved. Ensuring we achieve the desired shade in a very controlled way.

Composite restorations, veneers and crowns

None of the whitening treatments mentioned will have any effect on the colour of other materials including plastic, glass, metal, or porcelain, present in composite restorations, veneers or crowns, other whitening treatment plans will need to be discussed and considered.

Will teeth whitening hurt?

It’s unlikely that you’ll experience any discomfort when having your teeth professionally whitened. However, some people find their teeth and gums may become more sensitive during treatment, but using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth will reduce or stop this. In rare cases teeth may be very sensitive during treatment, but when the bleaching is stopped, the teeth sensitivity soon returns to normal.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe. Studies show that the effect on the enamel of a total bleaching treatment using 10% carbamide peroxide, is equivalent to one carbonated drink. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, we strongly urge you to seek medical advice before attempting any whitening procedures.

How long does teeth whitening last?

In most cases, results can last as long as 3 years but depend on an individual’s lifestyle.  If you avoid staining agents such as cigarettes and red wine  it means the effects can last longer before whitening maintenance is needed.

Can I make teeth whitening last longer?

Good teeth brushing twice a day will help reduce the build-up of stains. Avoid red wine, tea and coffee and smoking, all of which stain teeth. Our dental hygienists can also remove stains and help you keep your new bright smile.

Do beauticians and hair salons offer teeth whitening?

Yes they do, but the result they can achieve is limited due to changes in the law in October 2012. Tooth whitening products with a percentage of hydrogen peroxide between 0.1%-6% can now only be provided by dentists. Any beauticians or hairdressers offering tooth whitening will now be doing so at a much lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide which means results will be limited. If your beautician or hairdresser is still using a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide this would be a breach of the regulations, which is a criminal offence and you can report them to the GDC

What about whitening toothpaste?

There are many whitening kinds of toothpaste on the market. They do not affect the natural colour of your teeth but may be effective at removing staining. Therefore, they may improve the overall appearance of your teeth. Whitening toothpaste may also help the effect to last, once your teeth have been professionally whitened.

Check out our Smile Gallery for some case photos on after professional teeth whitening.


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