“Prevention is better than cure”.

Abbey Mead’s focus is on providing your whole family with the information and advice necessary to avoid dental disease. These basic foundations should stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Good dental care is incredibly important for children. To help them achieve this we provide a dedicated service, tailored specifically to their individual needs.

Some children are nervous about visiting the dentist. We can help them overcome their fear and make it a fun experience. In addition services such as oral health education, dietary advice and fittings for sports mouth guards are available.

Every child who needs it can have a hygienist appointment during which they will learn more about oral hygiene and the importance of a good diet for strong healthy teeth.

Cleaning your teeth carefully is important whatever your age. We should change our toothbrush every 3 months. If you or your children would like advice about which brush to use please ask the next time you visit. We have a wide selection of toothbrushes direct from the manufacturer at less than high street prices.

“No fillings this time mum!”

No fillings are achievable in this day and age and are something we want for all our children and young people. However if your child needs a filling we can use modern state of the art white fillings which blend imperceiveably with the natural tooth making them virtually invisible.

Leading a healthy and active life is incredibly important for children. Unfortunately sporting accidents do happen. “We won the match but I lost my teeth” is not what parents want to hear. Sports mouth guards do significantly reduce the chances of this. We can provide custom made precision fitted personalised sports mouth guards. Unlike pre-formed shop bought guards (boil in the bag) these do not easily dislodge during the match or affect our young athletes’ breathing.

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