Family Care


Young or old we are happy to welcome you to Abbey Mead Dental Practice. Many of our customers recommend their families to join our practice so we regularly treat different generations of the same family. We can help to keep your oral health in tip top condition whether you have baby teeth, adult teeth or maybe even no teeth!

We take care of and treat children, teenagers, adults, adults and children with disabilities, the elderly, those with dementia and we give advice to carers.

Our focus is to treat the whole person and attend to your specific needs. We are committed to keeping abreast of changes in modern dentistry and encouraging preventative techniques. We want to help you understand how best to maintain the health of your mouth throughout your life, keep it free from oral diseases including tooth decay and gum disease and be aware of the risks of developing diseases including oral cancer.

We recommend regular examinations for everyone but the interval between these examinations may be different depending on: the developmental stage of the patient; the risks of dental decay; the risks of gum disease and the age and condition of any existing restorations.

We will help you to decide on the best intervals for your examinations and hygienist appointments (if necessary). Lots of our customers have been coming to the practice for many years so we really get to know them and can monitor any changes.

Aging can cause changes such as gum recession, dry mouth and darkening of the colour of the teeth. Measures can be taken to counterbalance these changes and prevent decay which can arise as a result of them.

We will treat you with respect and concern for your overall wellbeing. We will offer you all the alternatives and treatment options. We will do our utmost to make treatment as comfortable as possible.

Beautiful clean teeth are the key to the way we look and feel about ourselves and how others see us. We want to look after our teeth but sometimes people are unaware that that they have serious dental problems because these conditions are not always painful. Aggressive gum disease affects up to 15% of the population and can lead to many problems including bad breath, poor appearance and ultimately tooth loss. Keep in mind that healthy gums don’t bleed. Gum disease is not curable but it is treatable and in most cases can be effectively managed and controlled. It is currently the number one cause of tooth loss amongst adults in the UK.

We can help you to decide the best way to pay for your dental care, with choices of pay-as-you-go or payment plans with regular monthly payments. This helps spread the cost and avoid unexpected bills.